I have been nothing but impressed with the rod you built.  The care and attention to detail you
have put into this rod is evident in every inch from reel seat to tip top.  You can rest assured
that if you ever need a stellar reference, you can feel free to use me any time of the day.  As I
told you, I build rods for myself and close friends from time to time.  But, when I see a good
deal I'll still jump on it.  When I saw your rod on EBAY I noticed the going price was a bargain
even if it meant I had to re-wrap the whole rod.  What I found when I opened the package
(nicely packaged by the way) was beyond any of my expectations.  What I got was more than
a bargain, it was perfection.
Thanks for the expert workmanship; I now have a higher standard to build to when I make my
next rod.
A grateful customer.
Denis Labrecque, Chugiak, Alaska
Professional custom build!  Buy with confidence.   This will be your rod of a lifetime!
Jeff Palm, St. Joseph, Minnesota
Dave Crowther
31 Diamond Basin Road
Cody, Wyoming 82414
Home:  307-587-3950
Cell:  307-250-3118
Beautifully handcrafted rod, excellent workmanship, can't wait to fish with it!
Dave Kerr
This rod has the perfect action, right on the money (thanks in part to you letting me "test
drive" your own personal rods for a couple of weeks).  The fit and finish of this rod are over
and above any factory rod, second to none!  (St. Croix could sure take lessons from you as to
how to "correctly" build a rod).  It was reassuring to talk to you about which reel seat and
guides would best fit my  needs, plus getting to choose the color of the thread and trim
wraps really made the experience truly one of a kind.  You just don't get those options when
buying a factory built rod.  With the ceramic inserts the line really moves, plus it's super quiet
while stripping line!  Two things I will never understand is why some one would buy a factory
rod over a custom built rod from you.  First off, it will never be custom tailored to fit their
needs and second, they'll pay more for the rod!  This rod is my new favorite! I am looking
forward to creating many great memories.  Now that I have the perfect 5 wt., it's time to think
about you building me the perfect 3 wt.!  You are without a doubt... the "go-to" guy when it
comes to rod building.  Thanks for everything.
Lee Bristow, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Some people think of their fly rods as works of art, and some think of theirs as tools.  I
suppose I would fall into the category of something in between, but mostly as a tool.  I take
any rod that I am considering and use it to see how accurate I can be with it.
Let me give an example.  I practice in my yard from 40-50 feet away from my fence.  What I
am looking for is a rod that I can go down a 72 foot section of my fence and land the line on
the fence posts that are spaced 8 feet apart.  Not close to the fence post the line MUST land
on it exactly.  Many rods fail this "tracking" aspect, meaning no matter how hard you try, the
fly line tracks off your aiming point.  Some throw consistently right or left, and some go all
over the place.
So Dave sent me the rod I had ordered.  I took it out first thing and started landing the line on
the fence posts.  I landed on each of the nine posts to 72 feet.  Now here's where his rod
really shined.  I did not have to go down the fence line post by post.  I could skip a post or skip
two or three posts.  I would land the line on one post and pick it up with one back cast and
land it on a post 4-5 posts away.  Not close, but on the post.  Hard to find a rod that can track
like that.  So not only are the rods built correctly, the craftsmanship is second to none.  All
the wrappings are prefect.  The rod was built absolutely beautiful.  When talking on the
phone with Dave, he gave me advice on his knowledge of line guides on the rod, and how
each acted and performed differently from the next.  So if you really are looking for that fly
rod, take a look at his.  They are absolutely beautiful, the workmanship perfect.  They are
built for beauty and function, and the function aspect is far better than most rods.  I am really
proud to be using one of  his rods, because  I know when I absolutely need to get the fly to
pinpoint accuracy, this rod will deliver!!!
The pride he takes in his rod building shows in many ways.
Robert Sanford, Denver, CO
Black Sand Beach on Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park
Finally at long last I have my new Nautilus 11-12 NV reel.  I sold the Tibor Gulf Stream. The
new reel is a little smaller and most importantly, a LOT lighter.  Took the 12 wt Winston BIIMX
that you modified the handle on (see grip photo) for a grass run with the reel and fresh Rio
Tarpon line.  HOLY CRAP!!  Outstanding!!!  My hand finally falls right on the handle; it casts like
an 8wt; I can toss 70 feet of line like nothing, in a hurry and dead accurate.  I've really got a
comfortable weapon here, really good.  I just had to tell you about it.
John Jandrey, Neenah, WI
Conservation Organizations
East Yellowstone Chapter - Trout Unlimited