Dan Craft Five Rivers FTXL 9ft 4pc 4wt - A truly superb custom fly rod
Dave Crowther
31 Diamond Basin Road
Cody, Wyoming 82414
Home:  307-587-3950
Cell:  307-250-3118
This is a Sage TCX 9' 4pc 5wt fly rod built as a gift. The thread colors
and feather inlays were done at the request of the customer, after
photos of sample wraps were created to choose from. I work with
every customer to create a custom fly rod built just for them.
Dan Craft Five Rivers FTXL 9' 4pc 4wt with Amtak AW12T reel seat, custom grip & fighting butt made from
brown burled cork with rubberized cork ends, Titan guide set and black wraps with Royal blue trim.
You will always see a precision fit of the reel seat to the custom grip and fighting butt.  Color coordination of
the seat insert and thread wraps is your choice with a custom fly rod.
I always properly stack and burnish the thread while I'm wrapping so you won't see thread gaps on the
guide feet.  I always taper the finish from the thread wraps to the rod blank for complete protection of the
thread and easy cleaning of the rod.  Personalization of the rod is the customer's choice.
Precision fit of the grip to the rod blank ensures long life and maximum adhesion.  A decorative winding
check and hook-keeper are standard but not required to cover up an improper fit of the grip.
I build saltwater fly rods as well.  This is a  Sage Xi3
11wt big game rod. The 11" grip provides balanced
casting and extra fish fighting leverage. The 2 1/2"
fighting butt gives extra clearance for the reel and
enough length for occasional  two handed casting.
Every single foot guide receives Forhan &
Blocking wraps around and in front of the
guide post to ensure secure attachment of
the guide and a premium look to the finish.
Each double foot guide receives wraps between
the guide feet for an extra secure attachment
and a smoother premium look to the finish.  
Note the glass like finish of the wraps along
with the decorative spiral and end trim.
Customer photos - click to enter
Photos of grip styles and materials - click to enter
Reel seat and guide finish detail - Click to enlarge
Excellent fit of custom grip to the rod blank - Click to enlarge
Custom fly rod grip, label area & guide finish - Click to enlarge
Custom Sage TCX 5wt - Click to enlarge
Photos of reel seats & guides - Click to enter
Custom Sage Xi3 11wt label area and guide finish - Click to enlarge
Sage Xi3 11wt saltwater custom fly rod - Click to enlarge
Excellent finish on female ferrule reinforcement wraps - Click to enlarge
Excellent tip top guide finish - Click to enlarge
supersized by clicking on the photo.
Detail of Grip front area - Click to enlarge
Single foot Titan guide wrap & finish - Click to enlarge
Titan stripping guide wrap & finish - Click to enlarge
Female ferrule wraps & finish - Click to enlarge
Front of grip, guides, wraps & finish - Click to enlarge
Reel seat, guides, wraps & finish - Click to enlarge