Ordering a custom fly rod begins with the selection of the right blank for your individual fishing needs.  The choice of
blank is the most important decision affecting your fly rod.  I'll offer my knowledge and experience with fly rods, in various
fishing conditions, to assist in any way I can.  I can acquire any current production Beulah, CTS, Sage, St. Croix, Thomas &
Thomas or Winston blank.

You may notice that many photos on this site are rods built on Dan Craft blanks, a small blank maker in central Oregon.  I
was a confirmed Sage fisher for many years until discovering these blanks, over ten years ago.  Blanks from
manufacturers like Sage and Winston are of superb quality, but Dan Craft Five Rivers blanks are their performance equal,
and substantially less expensive.  His blank models cover a wide range of casting styles and one or another will suit most

Dan Craft rods are not available in fly shops for test casting, so I make available my personal rods for casting and fishing.  
Many of my customers have utilized this program.  I will ship you one or more of my Dan Craft rods.  In return, you pay the
shipping both ways and a $200 deposit.  The deposit is 100% refundable or can be credited against your order of a
custom rod.  You may keep the test rods for a week or two to allow time to test cast or fish with them.

You can view high quality  photos of potential
reel seats, guides and grips. Those quality components pictured are readily
If you have other reel seats or guide sets in mind, I'm happy to obtain them for you.
As components are discussed, we can trade high quality photos via email to help you choose.

We'll discuss thread colors, and other cosmetic applications.
Your name or any short phrase can be added to the left side of the rod opposite the blank info label, at no extra charge.
Various styles of hook-keepers are included or can be omitted.
Extra cost options include fighting butts (on fresh-water rods),
custom decals and feather inlays.
Dave Crowther
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Warranty and Service

For a warranty, I stand behind my work 100%.  Any problem arising due to my work will be fixed at no charge.  

It becomes a little more complicated with the blank manufacturer's warranty.  Most require that you send in the entire
broken rod (with their service charge).  They will fit a replacement section to the rod, and either return the rod to you, or
forward it to me.  I will then move the guides from the broken section to the new section.  My charge generally range from
$30 to $50 depending on the number of guides, for moving guides and restoring the finish to original condition.  
Extenuating  circumstances have arisen, where I chose not to charge for moving the guides and re-finishing.
Me with a 24 inch Rainbow from a local lake.
Custom fly rod components
General Range of Custom Fly Rod Prices

As a general rule, the selected blank has the biggest impact on the final price of a custom rod.  Here are a few range
examples for custom fly rods built on various premium 9 foot 4 piece fly rod blanks.

Dan Craft FT, GXT & Signature V:  $500 - $530 freshwater  ;  $520 - $550 saltwater
Sage One, Circa & Xi3:  $670 - $710 freshwater  ;  $670 - $700 saltwater
Winston BIIt, BII-MX & BIIIx :  $650 - $680 freshwater  ;  $670 - $700 saltwater