Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park
Performance and Quality...
are the benefits to owning a custom fly rod...
hand-crafted by a qualified builder...
specialized techniques that factories don't take time for.  

You get a fly rod that tracks perfectly for accurate casts, balances lightly in your
hand and has the custom look & high performance components you want.  
Exceptional beauty is just icing on the cake.
I work closely with my customers, during the ordering process to discuss:
  • Fishing applications.
  • Casting styles, action preferences.
  • Component configurations and special cosmetics.
I will build on any high-end graphite fly rod blank but the blank is just the start of the
brings to the finished rod that makes the difference.
Any of the fine manufacturers listed produce great premium fly rod blanks:
or any other blank manufacturer.
  • An exceptional price/performance value can be achieved with blanks from Dan
    Craft Enterprises. (My personal fly rods, that get fished, use Dan Craft blanks - I
    can fish with anything and I use Dan Craft.)
  • All grips are custom turned to fit each customer's hand.  (Grips)
  • Components are selected for performance and durability.  (Seats & Guides)
  • Clear Creek cordura rod case, with built in internal nylon dividers, is included.
    Other case styles are available.
Dave Crowther
31 Diamond Basin Road
Home:  307-587-3950
Cell:  307-250-3118